Passion Fruit Cake {Recipe}

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Sumod carried back Passion Fruits from his vacation back home in Kerala and shares the recipe of this beautiful cake with a great colour, unique taste and aroma with us…


Butter-125 gms
Flour- 2 Cups
Baking powder-1 ½ teaspoon
Vanilla essence-1 teaspoon
Caster Sugar-3/4 cup
Milk-1/2 cup
Passion fruit pulp- 4 passion fruits (With or without seeds)


All the ingredients got to be in room temperature
Sieve flour, baking powder and a pinch salt several times and keep aside
Cream butter and powdered sugar, and beat well till soft and fluffy
Add eggs, and beat well till fluffy, add vanilla and mix well, stop the mixer.
Fold in flour slowly with a spoon, little at a time alternating with milk and passion fruit pulp. Pour into a paper lined greased pan.
Bake in a preheated oven at 180 C for 45 to 50 minutes.

For Icing:
Butter- 1 table spoon softened
Icing sugar-1 ½ cup
Passion fruit pulp (with seeds)- 2 passion fruits
Mix butter and sugar, followed by passion fruit pulp

When the cake is completely cooled splice the cake into two, cutting at the middle,
Ice with 1/3 of the icing the lower half, followed by the rest on the top.
Refrigerate for few hours….and ready

Optional, you can add few drops of yellow colour after adding vanilla.


-Recipe by Sumod Tom


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