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DSC_0060-001The numbers of restaurants opening these days is no joke; most of them serving Chinese, Italian or cafe menu. Good old North Indian delicacies are losing charm with the younger generation and anyone who can still do a decent job of cooking Indian food is lured to venture into so called ‘aspirational food’. No wonder there have not been many addition in good North Indian restaurants in Gurgaon which focuses more on food and less on the frills.

Ed: Dated 23rd Oct ’13, With numerous complaints coming from our readers about the deteriorating hygiene including finding hair,  cockroaches and other foreign elements in food and restaurant, we have downgraded the rating from 4.0 to 2.0, it is now a below average restaurant in Gurgaon and is not recommended by Indian Food Freak

DSC_0003Luckily I visited Bhatti Kebab Company a few times recently and it changed my perception. A simple no frill place, an open Kitchen displaying a Bhatti (Oven), the decor lights made with inverted iron buckets, and wooden seating which is comfortable but does not pronounce luxury. A rustic place where air-conditioning does not over chill given the open kitchen but it was still comfortable. I would have liked the food to be served in those old copper utensils too. The best part however is their food. No fuss kebabs, simple but delicious dal bhatti and their sincere efforts to offer Indian version of popular sandwiches, burgers and pizzas with Naanwiches, Naanger and Naanza respectively.

DSC_0005This time I was at Bhatti Kabab Company at the invitation of the restaurant to do the food tasting. Though I have been there earlier but tasting in a formal setting is much different and I agreed to visit. We were warmly greeted and were handed a printout on A-4 size sheets as the main menu is still under print. We left the onus of serving select dishes to the restaurant manager with a request of a small portion of each dish.

BHariyali Murghuvnesh Khanna, owner, joined us and said, “Bhatti Kabab Company is unique as here we serve the Kebabs directly from main skewer to the plate”. Without much wait our first lot of Hariyali Murg and Malai Soyabean Chaap were served on the plate. Chicken never tasted better. The soft and juicy chicken marinated in spinach subtly balanced the masalas. Soyabean chaap melted in the mouth and was much appreciated by my wife.

Hariyali Seekh KebabVeg seekh kebabs are usually thick, but this was one was super thin and had chopped veggies inside giving kebab a much needed bite. The chutneys; mint and fresh mango chutney both impressed. Bhuvnesh mixed the peri peri masala in the mango chutney and this one was stupendous. It went very well with all type of kebabs and is a must try when you visit.

Saundhe alooOnly misses so far were the Mutton Behari kebabs that were a tad bit undercooked and Saundhe aloo which though were crisp but a little charred at spots.

The restaurant more than recovered by offering peri peri tandoori prawns. The freshest catch grilled to perfection with peri peri sauce. This was the only kebab so far which was fiery. All other kebabs were subtly flavoured to bring out the taste of the main ingredient and aromas of fennel, cardamom and other ingredients used.

Chicken NannzaI have had Naanza (version of pizza on naan base) at Bhatti Kabab Company and I have loved this innovation. The base is much lighter and does not give a bloating feeling. Instead of pizza sauce, Bhatti Kebab Company used sundried tomato and cashew paste which further accentuated the flavours. The topping of tandoori chicken was as addictive. The naanza however this time needed a crisper base. This one tasted good too but luckily I have tried this earlier version which was certainly better.

NaanwichNaanwich is Bhatti Kebab Company tribute to Tacos. Stuffed with bell peppers, onions and greek yogurt, it is an excellent pick for people on diet.

DSC_0077We were anyway full by now but it was a tasting menu and there were few other dishes to be tasted in the main course. Dal Bhatti is cooked overnight without tomatoes or cream and it is a delight. I never prefer soya dishes in front of real meat. However soya roganjosh was so flavourful that my wife couldn’t resist having few more bites despite being completely full.

ADSC_0076s soon as one over eats, the appreciation of flavours reduces. Mind was starting to give signals to stop, but I continued with my journey of gastronomic fare being served. Butter Chicken may not be the best in Delhi but was certainly a strong contender. Nihari was served with lemon and ginger and came out well. The main hero here in non-veg dishes was Bheja Masala which went well with the crisp tandoori roti. Most people make bheja masala with broken pieces of brain, not bhatti kabab company. The complete tender bheja is first washed in luke warm water and later cooked with little gravy to retain its creamy texture. Excellent!

Pista KulfiThe dessert was pista kulfi served with raisins and shredded walnut signalling the end to this beautiful meal. There was nothing novel in the dessert, but doing basic things well is what needs talent.

If Bhatti Kabab Company can work on improving its service at peak hours, I am sure it will be the place to savour good Indian food.

Ratings out of 5

Food: 3.0 | Ambiance: 1.0 | Service: 2.5 |Overall: 2.0

Meal for Two: Rs 1200 | Unlimited 8 types of Kebabs + Dal Bhatti + Assorted Bread: 550 (Veg) 650 (Non Veg)| Alcohol: No | Credit Card: Yes| Timing: 12 Noon – 11.30PM | Home Delivery: Yes

Address: Bhatti Kabab Company, 1st Floor, Cross Point Mall, Gurgaon | Telephone: 0124- 4274456 / 4271456


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