[Press Release]Cremica Foods launches pulpy juicy Crushes

Cremica Foods, a food products conglomerate, adds zing to the day with new fruit Crushes.

 Available in three different flavours – strawberry, pineapple and mango, the 700 ml bottle is available across outlets in Delhi/NCR. The Crushes are modestly priced at Rs. 120.

So why step out for your favorite mocktails? Blend the ice with the strawberry flavour with a cherry on the top for a decorative drink at home. Sprinkle some strawberry sauce to get the flavour in your mouth. Add to it thick milk and you are the food connoisseur of the family.

A plain vanilla ice cream topping with the sweet and tangy taste of mango is a treat for all seasons. Imagine your mundane glass of milk is no longer mundane. Cremica makes it possible to have your favourite mango shake for 365 days. Good breakfast habits will be possible now. 

Better still for the whole family weekend; Pick up the crushing ice, thickened curd and your flavour of choice. You have a yummy mix of sweetened lassi all for yourself.

While we still talk about relishing your favorite desserts, we share some quick recipes which will add up to your creative culinary skills at home.

Fruit Mojito- Pineapple/mango/ strawberry Fruit Crush

Ingredients                                                                                                        Quantity

Cremica’s Pineapple / strawberry / mango Fruit Crush                                          25 gms
Lemon dices                                                                                                      20 gms
Mint leaves                                                                                                        5 gms
Soda                                                                                                                 100 ml
Sprite                                                                                                                50 ml
Ice Cubes/Crushed Ice                                                                                      100 gms

In a thick bottom glass add the mint and lemon and crush with a muddler.
Add the Cremica fruit crushers and top it up with ice.
Add the soda and sprite. Mix well and serve garnished with some more mint and lemon. 


The CREMICA group was established in 1978 by Mrs. Rajni Bector, who wanted to share her love of making cookies and ice-creams with friends and neighbours.

In the course of the past two decades, the CREMICA group has established itself as a food products conglomerate, leading the food processing business through its range of products, its internationally certified production facilities, the consistency of its quality and its unmatched expertise in the industry.

Product range –

Spreads Mayonnaise & Mustard’s Syrup’s
Sandwich spread Veg Mayonnaise Choclate syrup
Tartar sauce Egg Mayonnaise Strawberry syrup
Pizza Pasta sauce English Mustard Caramel syrup
Salsa Mexicana Kasundhi Mustard  
Tandoori spread    
Korma spread    
Pickle Tickle spread Ketchups & Chutneys  
Mint spread Tomato.Ketchup  
Chilly Garlic Tomato Chilly sauce  
Thousand salad dressing Tomato Garlic sauce  
Ceaser dressing Pudina Chataka  
Russian dressing Imli Chataka  
Italian dressing    
Vinegrate dressing    


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