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[Rated: 2.5/5]

Entry to BBCOver the past few months, the Oberoi Mall at Goregaon (East) is working towards a shift in image – with a set of modern and higher profile stores for its visitors. With the opening of the second Starbucks in India, the mall has certainly arrived on the Mumbai map.

Walking to the PVR Theatre on the top floor a couple of months ago, a sign announcing the opening of the British Brewing Company (BBC) got me really excited with what it would add to the experience. A Big fan of draught beer and finger food in London/Irish pubs, I was so looking forward to an option closer to home. I was hoping to taste the first Guinness Draught in the city. But I was quite disappointed!

photo 7The Pub is setup quite well with wide glass arched windows allowing sweeping view of the dimly lit pub, which was quite busy at 9:00 pm on a Sunday night. Walking up to the front desk was assuring, with a large whiskey cask serving as a manager’s desk and a notepad taking numbers while people waited patiently. A busy place with waiting queue is the first sign of popularity, and 20 minutes did not seem to be out of line. I spent time glancing at the stylish app on an iPad which served as the Menu, and it was quite promising with a wide range of options within sections such as Salads, Curries, Sizzlers, Pastas, Pizzas to the much expected British Fish and Chips. The Menu app is not a passive app, but allows the guests to place orders directly through the app, which is relayed to the waiters carrying iPod Touch devices. It was a modern take on the traditional setting seen in the décor. The place is quite large with seating for at least 80 people in pods and tables spread evenly across the pub. The bar dominates the center of the Pub and is setup with interesting lights and seating, giving an impression of a larger place with a social flair.

photo 4Seated at the corner table, I was first impressed by the vibe, and music – which are lively but not over the top. The place did not convert into a dance club at any time – unlike many other joints in India. The crowd was quite well mixed with young boisterous troupes,  to families (sans kids) to smaller groups of friends (both all girls and all guys) just enjoying their beer. Looking through the extensive Menu, I was mortified by the lack of any draught or in house brew. Why would a pub named Brewing Company not have taps or its own brew? Gurgaon is miles ahead with outs selection of in house brews and Mumbai needs to catch up quick.

photo 5Moving to actually using the iPad to order, there was some confusion with the waiter who received the order on his device. It seems that iPads need to assigned to each table so that the corresponding waiter should get the message. The good initial impression was overshadowed by the confusion in the process. We were nearly delivered the wrong dishes, but for timely intervention of an observant waiter.

LIITThen came the second disappointment, The Nachos were bland, covered in poor sauces, and the salsa was salty. The portions were decent but the experience was quite disappointing. My companion ordered an LIIT, which was served in a small glass and was dominated by Rum. Overall, it was going downhill pretty fast.

I called in the Manager and explained our disappointment, which was received with a promise of special attention to the main course. We also requested for a change of tables, as we were seated next to a speaker, and were assured a move at the next opportunity. Neither of these requests were complied with over the next 45 minutes at the Pub.

PastaWe ordered a Cheese Burger and a Vegetarian Pasta to savor the range of the kitchen. The Cheese burger lacked flavor in the meat, and the bun was crumbling. The Vegetarian Past was extremely well balanced and flavourful. Its rarely the case that I leave meat for veggies, but BBC was able to bring out a change in my diet program…

Overall, I was quite disappointed, possibly due to the high expectations I went in with. Having had great experience at the Beer Garden, Ambience Mall Gurgaon and the Irish House, Palladium Mall, Mumbai – The BBC was quite a letdown.

Ratings out of 5

Food: 2.5/5 | Drinks: 2.0/5| Ambience: 3.0/5 | Service: 2.0/5 | Overall: 2.5/5 |

Meal for two: Rs 1500 | Alcohol: Yes | Credit Card: Yes | Home Delivery: No | Timing: 12:00 pm – Midnight | Address: Oberoi Mall, T-4, 3rd Floor,  Goregaon East, Mumbai | Accommodate Large Groups (20+): Yes

Gagandeep Grover

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