Top Breads, Sector 18, Noida

[Rated: 3.5/5]
The city of Delhi historically has been exposed to cultures and cuisines from various parts of the world. Not only has the city embraced each and every culture, but has with a lot of warm embraced cuisines and food as well that came its way. I feel blessed to have been born and brought up in Delhi since I get to experience almost all types of cuisines here.
We went for a warm Sunday lunch to Top Breads which is famous for its luscious variety of cakes also has a cafe style seating for about 30. At least 30 – 40 variety of ready to eat breads, sandwiches, pizza slices, pastas, croissants, baguettes welcome the diners. The self help to chose and pick up from this displayed variety adds to this excitement.
Apart from this the outlet serves variety of pastries, pies, pan cakes, doughnuts etc in sweets. It even has a nice spread on salad bar apart from serving some items straight from the kitchen.
We picked up one bowl of veg salad (Rs 70), one veg hot dog(Rs 40), one chicken Mexican sandwich (Rs 65), one regular crossiant(Rs 30), one veg penne pasta bowl(Rs 50) and one veg pocket (Rs 50).
I had picked up the Chicken Mexican Sandwich for myself and simply got bowled over by the taste. The sandwich was made in a brown variety of baguette with a filling of chicken salami, chicken julienne (a delectable chicken delicacy of Russian origin, cooked in butter with yoghurt, swiss cheese, sour cream, nutmeg, mushrooms and onion) and salads. The bread was soft and the filling was juicy and fresh. A toothpick with cherry inserted on top of the sandwich added to colour.

The pasta sauce was pink in colour and not only tasted nice but looked exotic. Chef  informed us that a little edible colour was added to regular mayonnaise for improving the visual appeal.
We loved the food and ended it with assortment of Doughnuts which was icing on cake (Avg Rs 25). The only thing that I did not relish was lemon ice tea which was neither cold nor did it taste as well as should have. It was high of sugar that subdued the lemon flavour.
We would definitely love to go back to have such good food at a reasonable rate.  
Rating out of 5
Food : 4.5, Ambience: 3, Service: NA  | Overall: 3.5
Meal for two: Rs 350 | Alcohol: No |Credit Cards: Yes
Address: K-4, Sector 18, Noida. (Tel) +91 120 2516477
– Aman Kapoor
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