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MingSingh, Peppermint Hotel, Sector-29, Gurgaon

MingSingh, Peppermint Hotel, Sector-29, Gurgaon
[Rated: 3.5/5]
In India, when the specialty restaurants were not a common sight, most of us would have tasted the early days of Chinese cuisine which was much influenced by Indian palate. We enjoyed the adopted flavors of Chinese food and now have moved to authentic Chinese fare at the leading restaurants.  MingSingh has an innovative concept where they bring together the fusion of Oriental and Indian food. Thought of Chandoori Chicken (Tandoori chicken with oriental sauces) sounded interesting, and Aman and I decided to check out MingSingh.
Set amidst interesting roof-top ambience of hotel Peppermint and giving spectacular view of Kingdom of Dreams, Metro line and other buildings of Gurgaon, we had a feeling we were in for a good time at this modest 30seater restaurant. The show kitchen allows guests to interact with the chefs and participate with them to prepare innovative dishes if they are in a mood to please their loved ones. Else, for lazy bums like me, you can leave the chefs to bring out their best.
View from the window
Pool side setting
We tried quite a few dishes and though we weren’t very pleased with few dishes; most were innovative and tasted good. The outer wrapper was coming off at places, which though didn’t make Dim Sum taste any less, but wasn’t visually appealing. The Apple Toffee (225) was average; just like we would have it at any other place. At the same time quality of prawns in Prawn Tempura (Rs 275) was absolutely the best we have had in Gurgaon; fresh, juicy, and cooked to perfection. Do not miss the Pataka Chicken (Rs 295) which is MingSingh’s version of old favorite Chilly Chicken; soft and succulent pieces of chicken in hot fiery chili sauce. The silken Tofu in the Braised Water Spinach with Tofu (Rs 175) just melted, and will be a good choice for guests with not-so-spicy palate.
Prawn DimSum


Prawn Tempura


Pataka Chicken


Chandoori Chicken


Sliced Fish and Broccoli Stir Fry


Sliced Lamb in Orange Soy Sauce


Braised Water Spinach with Tofu




Toffee Box

We were in two minds while rating the service as the beer was once served in a non-chilled glass and it took some time for the desserts to be placed on the table. At the same time we appreciated that the toffee box which normally has two pieces each of banana and apple toffees, had three pieces each as we were 3 people dining together. Very thoughtful indeed. Service otherwise too was friendly and personalized.

 MingSingh is a nice little place for casual dining with friends and peers. Try it in the evening time as the current setting does not allow the air-conditioning to be effective in the afternoon. With nice ambience, non-obtrusive staff, innovative cuisine, and opportunity to cook with specialized chefs, an evening at MingSingh may just be the evening you were looking for.
Meal for Two: Rs1500 (without alcohol) | Alcohol: Yes | Credit Card: Yes|
Address: Peppermint Hotel, 285-286, Millennium City Centre, Sector-29, Gurgaon| Phone: 0124-4987000

– Pawan Soni

Pawan Soni is the Founder and CEO of Indian Food Freak. He is a WSET Level II wine connoisseur and a foodie who loves to eat anything under the sun. Besides being a food and travel writer for various food forums and magazines, he is also the Founder of The Big F Awards. The Big F Awards are the biggest Restaurant and Food Awards started by a non commercial - Non Media entity. He also owns and manages Gurgaon Food Freak, Indian Food Bloggers Network, Gurgaon Wine Club, Mumbai Food Freak, Ranchi Food Freak, Hyderabad Food Freak, Bangalore Food Freak, Gurgaon Travel Freak, and Noida Food Freak, Chandigarh Food Freak amongst many other on Facebook.
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