Reve, Aerocity, Delhi: Eat like the French Eat

Aerocity can easily be termed the Hotels city and it is the one stop destination for travellers, given its close proximity to the international airport . Once a hotel hub it is…



Beef Lasagna {Recipe}

From home chefs to IFF chef of the week, Indian Food Freak celebrates this journey of our every day chefs. Recipe Originality, Recipe documentation with precise measurements, Innovation and Presentation is all…

Sheer Chai or Noon Chai: Recipe

Last week as I was walking down the streets of Southall, I  passed a tea seller selling Kashmiri tea in a cart, beautifully decked up ,with a poster with ‘Kashmiri Tea’ printed…

Cantonese Steamed Fish {Recipe}

Cantonese Steamed Fish recipe by Sharmistha Mukherjee Cheema

Murgh Rajputana {Recipe}

Murgh Rajputana recipe using Chicken and mutton keema by Reema Varma

Macchi Bemisaal {Recipe}

Macchi Bemisaal recipe by Sapna Karnwaludaiwal

Curd Chicken {Recipe}

Easy to make and low calories curd chicken recipe by Rakhi Mehra

Mutton Dahi Wala {Recipe}

Very tasty recipe of Mutton Dahi Wala by Karan Dua

Mutton Vindaloo {Recipe}

Mutton Vindaloo recipe by Sonali Chatterjee

Mangalorian Style Mutton Ghee Roast {Recipe}

Mangalorian Style Mutton Ghee Roast recipe by Nalin Jha


Amazing Bhuna Gosht recipe by Nalin Jha

Authentic Kashmiri Kehwa {Recipe}

Mesmerising Dal Lake and the Chinar trees nestled in the four corners of Char Chinar were the only two things my friend could relate to in Kashmir. Well! There’s a lot more…

Kashmiri Dum Aloo {Recipe}

Here is the authentic recipe of Kashmiri Dum Aloo shared by Sanjay Raina, Founder of Mealability – a boutique catering service serving Kashmiri Cuisine all over India Serving 4-6 people ‪INGREDIENTS‬ 8…

Kashmiri Goshtaba {Recipe}

Goshtaba is a very popular Kashmiri dish normally eaten towards the end of the meal. Since it is a yogurt based dish, eating it at the end helps in the digestion. The…

Chatpati Chaat for the Quaker Oats “Bring your Tastiest Bowl” Challenge

Being Delhiites we can shamelessly boast of loving chaat. The spicy intermingling of flavours are a gleeful experience for our palate. Being the kind of people who lose track of their priorities…

Postor Borar Tok /Khus Khus Cutlet Chutney {Recipe}

Postor Borar Tok  /Khus Khus Cutlet Chutney When does food stop being just food and become soul food? When there are memories attached to it…precious memories…memories which are hard to let go…memories…

Dum ka Murg, White curry {recipe}

We gave you the red chicken recipe and now here comes the white… Recipe: Ingredients: Chicken, 1 kg, cut into medium pieces Charoli nuts/Chironji, 2 tbsp Cashew nuts, 2 tbsp Almonds, 3 to…

Mutton Chaamp {Recipe}

This recipe is part of the Shashti feast cooked by Pritha and comes to us along with her childhood memories of the same. Shashti is a Hindu folk goddess, worshipped as the…

Crispy ‘Mango’paras {Recipe}

Taking inspiration from the Mango season, Reena converted the old childhood favorite Shakkarparas into ‘Mango’paras… Recipe: Ingredients: Maida/Plain Flour, 1 ½ cups Suji/Semolina , 2 tbsp Mango Pulp, ½  cup Powdered Sugar,…

Punjabi Baked Samosa {Recipe}

The mere mention of Samosas gets even the diet conscious people drooling. Here is Aparrupa’s baked version to indulge at Chai time with a little less guilt… Recipe: Ingredients for the filling: …

Chicken/ Mutton Dum Curry, Red Curry {Recipe}

This is originally a Dum Biryani recipe which Manini saw on the T.V. What got written down quickly only as an ingredient listing on the back of a used envelope, got converted…