Philips Foodathon 2012 – Bloggers Meet

Recently there has been a flood to call bloggers to review product or restaurants. It is not only cost effective for organisation but also provides perspective customers on the required details. A new trend has been to call all bloggers together and call it a ‘Bloggers Meet’. This further saves time and money and also acts as influencing them to write positively about the institution. All this under the garb of an opportunity to meet, network and discuss trends amongst fellow bloggers.

Continuing with this trend, we were invited to Foodathon 2012 organised by 20:20 MSL and sponsored by Philips. 20:20 MSL claims to be a professional organisation with several offices in India and abroad, awarded with the “PR Agency of the Year” at the IPRA Indy Awards in 2009. Several follow up calls, SMS and mails from them requested that we reach at the venue – [V] Spot Cafe + Bar by 12 noon sharp.

I reached by 12 noon sharp and was happy to see many other bloggers already occupying the tables. We were however slightly surprised to see lifestyle and even Technology bloggers to the event which was only meant for the food bloggers and aptly called ‘Foodathon’.  This was not my first time at [V] Spot Cafe and I was happy with their services on my last visit. We interacted with fellow bloggers and was waiting for the organisers to cook off the agenda which kept getting pushed to ‘few’ more minutes. The place was still being organised for the event. After almost 40min we requested if we could be served water or refreshments, which ideally should have been served on their own. However it led to no response from the staff. Another blogger friend finally requested the organiser to intervene. They assured that someone will be coming over soon to serve.

I was supposed to blog about the event and my feedback on AirFryer which was recently launched by Philips. But after waiting patiently for over 80 minutes without water, I was bored as hell and decided it is not worth staying back.

If a professional agency, hired by a leading MNC to hold a small bloggers meet, cannot manage this small event, I wonder how they would be managing their bigger event.

  1. -To summarize the Philips Foodathon 2012 event, yes it was poorly organized landed up there to join my fellow foodies Pawan Soni and Sumit Malhotra, but there was confusion regarding the schedule and the event got delayed, no serving of water or refreshments till it finally started.
    -Though the Organizer finally served cocktails/mocktails but,again there’s was confusion whether refreshments like coffee were chargeable or not, until I confirmed myself from the bartender and was told we can have one free drink that was on their event menu.
    -The good part was however, meeting up with food bloggers and photographers and the tips which were shared on food photography by an avid food photographer Hemant. Also,Philips Air Fryer, which the company claims to use less oil for frying french fries. I tasted the fries it was not crispy but,good.Just imagine baked french fries :D.
    -I Finally left the event at 3:30 in the afternoon as lunch was still getting laid on the table. I strongly feel events like these can be made more interesting by encouraging bloggers to share experiences.

  2. very well written!!

    there was more disappointment for us later!!

    a total lack of respect for bloggers’ time!!

  3. I could not agree any more~!
    Though I have more points to improve upon! 😀
    That’ll be in my post!

  4. Good that you left early. This was the most mis-managed event I have ever been to. Our time was not respected. I got an impression that the organizers think that we all bloggers are ‘vella’ people and as long as they are offering free food, they can get away with anything.

  5. Thank you guys for reaffirming my decision to leave the meet. Surprisingly, even when the team noted my discomfort on leaving the venue and am sure they would have read this blogpost and even my FB status, no one bothered to call up to apologise. Clearly goes on to say how professionally this company, 20:20 MSL, is managed.

  6. No water at any time of the event was a dampener. Even the man at the bar needed a second reminder to fetch me some water. For the mojito, there were three reminders. I agree with Akanksha for the ‘vella’ tag that bloggers are assumed to be wearing.

    Could have been better, but I stayed till end, and made a couple of good friends. Also, the food was nothing to complain about, nor to write home about.