Paneer Lababdar / Mutton Lababdar {Recipe}

This lovely recipe of Paneer Lababdar by Jaspreet Nirula is so different from the usual paneer dishes that we eat. It is a must try on the recipe section. Taking cue, our Mughali Champion Farah Malik gave another interesting twist and made Mutton Lababdar. Try any of this, but do try. It is one of those recipes you can not afford to miss.


Paneer 400gm
Cream 50ml
Whole Red Chillies 3 no. (for garnish)
Aromatic Garam Masala (recipe given below or use any readymade one) – for sprinkling (garnish)
Home made Garam Masala – Dry roast 100gm Cumin seeds, 30gm Corriander Seeds, 20gm Black Cardamom, 20gm Black peppercorns, 15gm Green Cardamom, 15 gm Dry ginger, 4-5 sticks cinnamon, 10gm cloves, 10gm Mace, 2-3 Bayleaf and I nutmeg. Once the aroma of these whole ingredients is evident, take it off the flame and dry grind it into powder form.

For Gravy
Onions (sliced) – 300gm
Tomatoes (Chopped) – 300gm
Ginger paste – 1tsp
Garlic – 1tsp
Ghee – 150ml
Cumin seeds – 1½ tsp
Degi Mirch Powder – 2tsp
Meat Masala (any brand – I used Everest brand) – 2tsp
Cumin powder (freshly roasted and ground) 1 and half tsp
Salt to taste 

For Shahi paste (soak both Almonds and Cashew nuts in warm water for 10-15minutes and blend into a paste)
Almonds (de-skinned) 50gm
Cashew nuts 25gm

Heat ghee in a pan – add cumin seeds and let it splutter – then add finely sliced onions and fry it till nice golden brown – add ginger garlic paste and stir for a couple of minutes – then add tomatoes and mix well – cook for 2-3 minutes and lower the heat – add degi mirch powder, meat masala powder and some water so that the dry spices don’t burn – mix well and let it cook on medium heat stirring continuously till ghee leaves the masala. Bhunno this masala for a few minutes stirring at the same time. Remove from heat and separate excess ghee (this should be deep red in colour – this Rogan will be used to pour over the dish as garnish).

Now take this masala after separating the ghee and churn it nicely in a blender – you can add some water to it but make sure it’s very little and just enough for it to blend – Once it is blended, pass this mixture through a sieve and you will get a smooth silky gravy base.

Now add a tbsp of Rogan (separated ghee) – add half a tsp of cumin seeds and add the gravy base – liquidise the gravy by putting some water (very little) and bring it to boil – lower the heat and add the Shahi paste and mix well. Cook for 2-3 minutes. Now add the cubes of Paneer and stir gently. Cook for a couple of minutes. Add freshly roasted and ground cumin powder and mix in gently.
Remove the pan from the flame and stir in the cream. Once mixed properly, put the pan back on flame on medium heat and cook for a minute. Adjust the seasoning. Sprinkle some of the Rogan left and also the aromatic garam masala. Garnish with deep fried whole red chillies. Serve hot.

Those interested for Chicken Lababdar, may replace paneer with Chicken.

Jaspreet Nirula

Mutton Lababdar

Few changes which Farah Malik made while preparing Mutton Lababdar using the above recipe are:

  • Did not fry the onions golden, let them be pink only. Else it would resemble a korma.
  • Marinate the mutton a night before with meat masala and ginger garlic
  • Don’t Pressure cook. Patience pays. The mutton should get cooked in slow flame in around 45-50min since it is marinated.

Farah Malik

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