Aaloo Lachcha {Recipe}

Aaloo Lachcha

AP sends this one just in time for Navratras about to start…for those who will be fasting and

for those who will be feasting…aloo

1 kg of large sized potatoes

A big polythene sheet, (approx 1 meter x 1 meter) to spread the Lachcha for sun drying.

Grater (Kaddukas)

Bright Sunshine J



Clean and boil the potatoes in a pressure cooker, peel off the skin,


Spread the poly sheet on a flat surface in a sunny area. Now take the grater and hold it approx 1ft high from the poly sheet, start grating the boiled potatoes one by one , keep moving from one place to another so as not to form a lump of the  grated potatoes.( refer picture) .

Once this is done, just leave it to dry in sun, for at least 2 days.

Take some oil in a pan, heat it, put small quantity of laccha in it, it becomes golden in a fraction of second, take it out quickly.

Be careful not to leave it in hot oil for long else it will get burnt.

Sprinkle some salt and chaat masala, serve with drinks/tea/soft drink/ Dinner

This can also be consumed during fasts (vrat) as potato is allowed to be eaten, just replace the salt with rock salt ( sendha namak) . Since it is deep fried, it is quite filling during fasts.

-Recipe by Atma Prakash Mishra

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