Bade Bhai ka Brothers Dhaba, Hall Bazaar, Amritsar

[Rated: 4.5/5]

Situated in a crowded market place at the Hall Bazaar in Amritsar, “Bade Bhai ka Brothers Dhaba” is an exciting eatery offering valet parking to its guests which is a great relief to the hungry souls. Pocket friendly menu and warm cheerful environment invites many to choose from their anytime dining vegetarian fare; Breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as quick anytime snack.

This dhaba is fallout of partition between two brothers where elder brother called himself Brothers Dhaba and younger one continues with the old name- Bhrawan da dhaba (Punjabi name of brothers dhaba). Hearsay is that all the old popular chefs joined hands with the elder brother.

We decided to check out this dhaba. As we enter, colorful, traditional paintings welcomed us to the family hall. The fun and festivity at the outer hall merges with the fragrant aroma coming from the desi ghee cooked food. On being seated, we were promptly offered the choice of offerings ranging from daal makhani, kadi pakoda , shahi paneer, chana masala, rajma, sarson ka saag and much more.

The thali (125) was an immediate choice as it offered the variety of food to sample. Dal Makhani had a reddish hue which only comes with the overnight slow cooking in a traditional copper utensil on wood fire. Not only was it a treat for eyes but it was certainly one of the best we ever had. The paneer was amazingly soft and the creamy gravy went very well with the crisp from outside and soft from inside laccha parathas who’s each layer could easily be separated.

The tangy besan kadhi (85) made with chatti ki lassi (not curd) had soft succulent pakodas and is another mouth-watering combo to be enjoyed with boiled rice. Though we were full by this time we still could not resist the authentic sarsoon ka saag loaded with a generous amount of butter and served with makki ki roti. It was clearly a joy.

We ended our meal with Kheer and Brother’s special Tuti Fruity Icecream.

The overall experience could have been further accentuated if the ambience was more towards rustic village with food being served in brass or copper utensils.

Amritsar is a foodie delight with almost every second place serving food to die for. But Brother’s is the place which makes life worth living.

Ratings out of 5
Food: 4.5 | Ambience: 4.0 | Service: 4.5 | Overall: 4.5
Meal for Two: Rs 250 (Without Alcohol) | Alcohol: No | Credit Card: No|

Address: Hall Bazaar, Amritsar, Punjab. Phone: 9888411226

Aman Kahlon

  1. I have been at “Brother’s Dhaba” couple of times and found the food appealing to taste .I agree with review placed above . It authenticates the perfect blend of rustic Punjab and contemporary taste … Fabulous pics and awesome review Aman Kahlon ! Feel like going Again now

  2. Reading the review was mouth watering … super duper pics .. want to Land in Amritsar from Chandigarh right now .

  3. Had food here 3-4 times when I came home for a visit from Canada …. best place in Amritsar to have vegetarian food .

  4. have not tried the food here…. but reading this article already had water in mouth…. so will be there at earliest….

  5. hatsoff to food freak and mr aman for this presentation.this dhaba truely maintaining the traditions in terms of food and service.

  6. My all times favourites here are Vegetable Grilled Sandwich and Butter naan wali Thali and Gulab Jamun .

  7. Hey Aman, I have never been to Amritsar. Just by reading this, I feel like going there. I am sure my son, who loves to eat, will enjoy this place. I and my son enjoy Punjabi food because my late wife was Punjabi and she was a good cook. We miss her cooking.

    1. I know the reason y u were in India … I really feel sad for u . Plz be my guest Any day …we’ll All go there .

  8. Aman Khalon I Liked your take. A detailed review covering all aspects of the Bade Bhai ka Brothers Dhaba. I am planning a visit to the place sooner than later.Excellent Review….
    keep penning more

  9. Drove all the way from Jalandhar to have lunch here with my friend Rishi.

    Was worth the drive. Superb review & amazing Dal 🙂

    Do try out the kesar kheer & the rajma too. Hope Aman reviews the kheer & puts up that picture too.

    Valet parking was very helpful as the dhaba is in a crowded area.

    The review was spot on:) It was nearly a 190km round trip for lunch. Thank you Aman.

  10. Brothers da dhaba…. bade bahi wala… amazing food with a WOW factor…lache de pratha simply punjabi with desi ghee , Daal , Rajma , paneer was finger licking .

    190 kms round trip for lunch with my friend Harkiran(from Mumbai) … thanks Aman Kahlon …. Please post the picture of the Kheer it was sumptuously delicious 😀

    Harkiran read the review & we decided to drive to Amritsar for lunch. Few years back we had gone to Kesar Dhabha but the experience was below par.

  11. I Agree with Rishi and Harkiran the kesar wali Kheer is really awesome will surely get a pic of it … Thanx for the feed back

  12. Aman, thats a Brilliantly yum write up on the thali, i’d have to blame you for the hunger pangs am having right now and the craving for some good fragrant meal.

    Food in the thali served here looks as amazing as the description. 4.5 is a HUGE rating indeed & am surely well deserving.

    While i should have been brought here during my last trip to Amritsar i was taken to “Bhravaan da Dhaba” the one thats close to Sri Harminder Saab.

    That place was sheer chaos when i was taken there making a mention that its new and apparently people accompanying me were more *new in town factor* than taste. 1/5 it was in food and over all experience including ambiance and food.

    I love what i eat and like to have some leftover of the flavors on palate post meal as well, if you know what i mean. That “Bhravaan ka Dhaba” joint is not seeing me again. In fact if i remember correctly i left the meal halfway.

    But what you posted here comes as a pleasant respite to this battered Punjabi.

  13. Don’t agree with Sid’s post above that Bhrawan is no good…everyone knows that places that are popular and get lots of customers tend to be chaotic and have a waiting period before you get a table but are worth it since the food is good. It may be that Brothers is more organised but I doubt if taste-wise there is much difference as both follow the same recipes and use the same ingredients.