Rating Methodology

We have two types of reviews; invited and anonymous. Invited reviews happen when an establishment asks us over to write about their food, and anonymous reviews happen when we visit an establishment on our own. In both the cases, review is written in an unbiased fashion. We refrain from mentioning service for invited reviews for obvious reasons, but we do mention negative service notes for invited reviews. We do not accept any honorarium/money for the reviews.

The ratings are against establishments in the same class. Therefore, a street food vendor and a luxury hotel, both may share a similar rating.

The five star ratings are based on impressions left on the five sensory organs but we acknowledge them on mainly Food, Drinks, Ambience and Service. These impressions of these parameters on our sensory organs could be:

Smell: How inviting was the food aroma, was the washroom smelling foul
Touch: How was the cutlery, was the meat tender and well cooked
Sight: How was the ambience, how well was the food presented, was the restaurant clean, decor etc
Hear: The background music, any loud discussions between serving staff or management
Taste: Finally the food is king! Variety, authenticity, drinks etc

The final rating depicts as below:

(1/5) – Terrible
(2/5) – Below Average
(2.5/5) – Average
(3/5) – Above Average
(3.5/5) – Good
(4/5) – Very Good
(4.5/5) – Excellent
(5/5) – Best of Indian Food Freak

Please note, your food experience may differ from ours and so could your taste. However the older reviews may not stand the test of time due to management changes, new chefs etc. Where ever we get updated feedback we do try to build it in our latest rating! Mail us at reviews@indianfoodfreak.com for any suggestion or inputs.

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