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Team Delhi-NCR

Pawan Soni: A WSET – II trained wine enthusiast, an amateur bar tender and a passionate foodie, who loves to eat anything under the sun. His profession helps him to travel the length and breadth of the globe, feeding his hobbies including traveling. It helped him appreciate different cuisines and their cooking methods. His first thought when visiting a new location is to find out the best places to eat and hunting down the local delicacies of the area. Besides writing restaurant reviews for various magazines, newspapers and food blogs, he is the founder member of Indian Food Freak. Pawan is a Post Graduate in Management and works with a MNC. Reach out to him at

RK Geetha

RK Geetha has an opinion on everything under the sun. Donning several hats- mother, management graduate (XLRI), career in international trade, freelance writer, advanced level scuba diver, polyglot, languages teacher, amateur stock trader, international traveller etc., has made her mad as a hatter at times, according to her very observant kid. Food tickles not just her palate but her mind too. With credits to several reviews of restaurants and food-related events on this platform and on social media, she is raring to go where no woman (or man) has dared to go until now.


Rohini Ghosh is a special educator by qualification with an unbridled passion for food whether it be cooking it or gorging on it. She persisted with her experiments in the kitchen (egged on by sufferers who were ever optimistic about better times to come), she is now world famous amongst her family and friends for her dishes. Her passion for eating is surpassed only by her passion for cooking for family and friends. And if you are nice to her, she might even invite you over to her house for a hearty meal accompanied by more than a drink or two notwithstanding her husband’s protestations to the contrary.

Aman Kapoor: A widely travelled professional who loves to cook and eat. He feels one life is not enough to enjoy all the delicacies which the world has to offer. He has been experimenting with different recipes and is proud to have eaten delicacies which may not be appreciated by an average Indian. He reviews restaurant in North Delhi, West Delhi, East Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad.

Team Mumbai

Suprio BoseSuprio Bose lives to eat, treats food as his religion and gets angry at people who don’t treat their food well. He calls himself “The Food Nazi” much to his wife´s chagrin. Spent 16 years of his life living in North and South America – from US To Chile and now lives in Mumbai, India where he tries to recreate the dishes he has tried all over the world. A Wset level 2 qualified wine professional, an ardent foodie and obsessive nit picker, loves his wine and beer and loves to pair them with the right kind of food whenever and wherever he can get a chance. A diploma holder in Professional Catering and Gourmet Cooking from Penn Foster University of USA and Diploma in Restaurant management, Suprio follows food only as a passion and has a diplomatic career as his earning avenue. Reach out to him at

002Jenifer Petigara Mistry: Coming from a community that is known for its funny bone and its penchant for food in joy or sorrow, it is not surprising that Jenifer finds exploring good food and a having a good laugh as the only purpose in life. A MBA -Finance by academics, a HR person by profession and a culinary enthusiast by passion; Food defines the finer things in life to her. Having travelled globally and tried different cuisines, travel and food remains a calling she wishes for if granted a boon for Nirvana. An instinctive cook, her favourite past time is trying new dishes and then recreating them in her home for her husband, her son and her whole lot of friends.

Gagandeep GroverGagandeep Grover loves good food, good wine and/or chilled beer, anytime, anywhere!!! Always looking for something new, be it at home, at a local stall or a high end restaurant, he truly believes good food is a way to a Man’s heart. His travel through 7 countries and 22 cities across the globe has provided a rich experience of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine and a burning desire to seek the best. He is always hunting for new styles of cooking, good flavor, and a reflection of culture and tradition. Besides eating out, meeting people and discussing his dining experiences, Gagan works for an MNC and travels across India for business and pleasure. He reviews restaurants in Mumbai

Team Pune

Kainaaz studio picKainaaz Writer Bokdawalla is an esthetician by profession. She has always been extremely passionate about food and have her girth to prove it 🙂 Kainaaz began cooking at the age of 14 and the passion never waned. She began writing reviews for restaurants on a whim, because she just happened to like the food and service at a new eatery. Little did she know it would become a passion.

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