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Nom Nom, Andheri West, Mumbai

Nom Nom, Andheri West, Mumbai
[Rated: 4.0/5]

Nom Nom PoisonI’ve seen the restaurant Banana Leaf, followed by a salon, then Di Bella and M.O.D. at the end off the Juhu-Versova link road. Never did I notice Nom Nom when it’s just 10 minutes away from my place. And the restaurant has been standing next to Banana Leaf for quite some time, apparently. Thankfully, my friend recommended it for a visit.

As I stepped into Nom Nom, the ambience reminded me a lot of Trikaya, another restaurant that serves the same South East Asian cuisine in Andheri (west). The restaurant is dimly lit with wooden décor and indoor as well as outdoor seating. However that the bar is not as extensive as Trikaya. When we entered the place, my companion and I were the only two guest at Nom Nom.

MenuIt was creepy the way all the waiters were staring at us, but while leaving, the place was packed. Every single table was taken. Sadly, the one we chose was a bit wobbly. Anyway starting with drinks and food, we were given the menu. Nom Nom has tried its creativity with the menu and as per my friend, it looked like the tablets that were given to Moses by God with the Ten Commandments. It looked fancy, but was cumbersome and started annoying when I had to place repeated orders as the menu is stuck between two planks of wood. Suggestion: Limit wood to décor.

Italian Creame CircleOkay, time for drinks. We called for a virgin mocktail Italian Creame Circle that was a blend of peach crush, orange juice, and grenadine and crushed ice. The sweet taste of grenadine was strong and as the ice started to dissolve, the drink got better. I opted for the Nom Nom Poison – Even though I couldn’t figure out which fresh fruit juice it contained, the mix of white wine and vodka was strong. The main reason I chose this drink was because of the coffee powder. Nom Nom Poison comes with a strong smell of coffee which later mixes beautifully with the alcohol.

Scallop NigriAppetizers comprised Scallop Nigri where scallop was tapped on rice and served with pink ginger and wasabi. Next comes what I loved the most – Bird Chilly Prawns. It was spicy and simply yummy! Red chillies made appearances here and there, but this was the most delicious item I tasted at Nom Nom.

Spicy Pork with Hot Basil LeavesThe next amazing number was the Spicy Pork with Hot Basil Leaves. This usually comes as gravy, but we opted for it as a side dish. I didn’t expect it to be minced pork, but man, this was so flavourful. I was enjoying every bit of meat and the hint of garlic.

This was the second time that I had tried the Burmese Khao Suey, and it didn’t let us down. I think it was Basa fish in the curry. However, I was swapping a spoon for a fork and vice versa.

TiramisuOnce we were done with the mains, we took Moses’ tablet to select the last course of the evening. But hang on! None of the options on the menu were available. Instead they offered us a better deal – Baked Cheesecake and Tiramisu. However, the baked Cheesecake looked more like ‘baked and frozen cheesecake’. It should have at least been brought to room temperature. On the other hand the Tiramisu was soft and mascarpone was well balanced. I liked it.

Overall, service is prompt and the jazz music suits the mood lighting. Nom Nom may have missed my attention earlier, but I am soon going to visit it again.

Ratings out of 5
: 4.0 | Ambiance: 3.5 | Service: 4.0 |Overall: 4.0

Meal for Two: Rs 3000 | Alcohol: Yes | Credit Card: Yes| Timing: 12 Noon to 3 PM and 7 pm to midnight| Wi-Fi: No

Address: Shop No. 3, Ground Floor, Shubham Co – Operative Housing Society, Juhu-Versova Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai, 400053 | 022-26244280/ 26244371


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