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Latitude, Mosaic Hotel, Sector 18, Noida – Redefining North Indian Cuisine

Latitude, Mosaic Hotel, Sector 18, Noida – Redefining North Indian Cuisine
[Rated: 4.0/5]
Rajasthani Bharwa Kacho

Rajasthani Bharwa Kachori

Rediscovering self has a fair amount of scepticism since many-a-times it boomerangs. Only the brave hearts can venture out to redefine themselves and undergo the experience that can be both agonizing and enthralling. “Latitude” located at Mosaic Hotels, sector 18 at Noida has been valiant to take the bold step of converting from a multi cuisine buffet restaurant to a speciality restaurant serving a-la-carte Indian food.

We were warmly greeted at the restaurant entrance and escorted to our table. As we were settling down, the restaurant manager again welcomed us and commented that the new avatar of Latitude shall extend a truly world class experience. A bold expression but without much expectation, we thought of testing the claim.

I would like to mention that the restaurant did everything right to justify the claim since it was not only about the delicacies being served but about the holistic experience that the guest would have through the evening.

Murgh Ki Chaamp

Murgh Ki Chaamp

The evening was full of Seafood Galouti (Rs 800); Murgh Tikka Kali Mirch (Rs 450), Murgh Ki Chaamp (Rs 450), Roti Pe Boti (Rs 650), Pudina Paneer Tikka (Rs 425), Bharwan Aloo Peshawari (Rs 395) and Dal Ka Shaami (Rs 395) in starters. Seafood Galouti was unique and I had it for the first time at Latitude. The succulent Galouti would be a delight for sea food lovers. The dishes were not only visually appealing but were cooked to perfection with judicious use of spices and herbs that enhanced the flavours.

The complementary portion of shorba along with starters which they call “Shot of the Day” enhances the appetite and help digestion. We were served Tamatar Dhaniye Ka Shorba and Mutton Ka Shorba of which the Veg shot was definitely better.

Already happy and contented with the appetisers, we still ordered to get the flavour of main course dishes; Kundan Kaliya (Rs 525), Aaloo Wadiyan (Rs 325), Murgh Kali Mirch (Rs 475) and Dal Tarka (Rs 350).

Mozzarella Naan

Mozzarella Naan

Another interesting and complementary portion of Rajasthani Dal Kachouri along with shot of Aloo Ki Sabzi was served. The small helping served in between the meals was lovely but made our task of venturing to main course a little more tough. However I am not complaining. Further to our delight, Blackberry Sorbet was served to help us cleanse the palate. Sorbets introduced by French are quite popular in western speciality restaurants. We were told by the Chef that they are soon going to introduce Champaign and smoked sorbets too.

The main course was served and while each of the dishes was highly satisfying to the palate the live counter of Dal Tarka made the experience even better.  The foodie in me was delighted to see unique preparations like Kali Mirch Ki Kulfi, Gulukand Ka Lancha, Chocolate Paan (Rs 175 each) being introduced by Latitude and we settled for these three as our order for sweet dish. The Kali Mirch Ki Kulfi was slightly disappointing since it missed the smoothness that a kulfi should have. But the other two dishes were outstanding. Gulukand Ka Lancha was a Gulab Jamun with a filling of Gulukand. The Chocolate Paan was actually a sheet of chocolate filled with Gulukand and Beatle leaves.

Chef Dewas

Chef Diwas

In an endeavour to extend a complete fine dining experience an approach of engagement has been adopted where the Chef himself interacts with the guest and is more than willing to adapt to changes that the guest may want in dishes. We were told by Chef Diwas that he would even be open to serving a dish that may not be listed on menu if he can.

The experience at Latitude was highly satisfying and enjoyable since the restaurant not only served the food that completely satisfied the palate but also for the small details that it has taken care of like the choice of music being played, the size of the plates etc. I would definitely want to go back for the overall fantastic experience.

Rating Out Of 5

Food & Drink: 4.5 | Ambiance: 3.5 | Service: 4.5 | Over all: 4.0

Meal for two: Rs 1800  (without alcohol)  | Alcohol: Yes  | Credit Cards: Yes  | Timings: 7:30 pm till 11:30 pm (Tuesday Closed)

Address: Latitude, Mosaic Hotel, C – 1, Sector 18, Noida | Phone: +91 120 4025000


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