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NDTV Good Times Food Awards 2012

NDTV Good Times Food Awards 2012

Of many times I have been proud of being a food blogger; this is certainly amongst one of them. Invited by NDTV Good Times for their food awards 2012 at Westin Gurgaon, it was one of those opportunities to meet who’s-who of the food world and I could ill afford to miss it. Dressed in a normal blue-check sweater and jeans I set out along with my colleague Upasana to the destination.

After attending many of such events now, I have realised except my paunch, there is nothing which resemble closely to some of these well-dressed foodies. Of course there are many who are paper-thin and at times I wonder if they ever ate anything to be termed a foodie or a Gourmet. May be they are not lazy like most of us and burn their calories before they eat. To be a page 3 celebrity, one either has to have mind, money or figure. At times mix of all. Clearly meaning I am sometime away from there. But who the F*** cares when I can put my pictures on my blog.

Third year for these food awards, NDTV Good Times Kaff Food Awards 2012 was hosted by my dear friends Rocky and Mayur (Highway on my Plate fame). Somehow we always bump in the washroom and this time was no different. I must say these boys are natural at hosting. Each line, am sure is umpteen time rehearsed, came out very naturally and kept filling the hall with laughter’s and splits.

Attended by all known names like Vir Sanghvi, Marut Sikka, Vicky Ratnani, Seems Chandra, Vinod Dua, Aditya Bal, Rashmi Uday Singh, Vikram Chandra Vikramjit Ray, Shikha Singh, Chef Manish Malhotra, Chef Bakshish Dean and Joey Mathews the event was par excellence. So far under the impression that most awards are bought, I was delighted to see Gung-The Palace at Delhi winning the best Asian Restaurant award. Since I know the owner personally I know for sure this Korean gentleman who does not even have a PR agency will never pay for the award. Sadly Jin Bum Kim, the owner at Gung was not present to achieve the award.

Apart from the event Vicky Ratnani’s new book Vicky Goes Veg was also unveiled which is expected to hit stand in Feb 2013.

Paired with some lovely starters, wine, and food it is going to be an evening to be cherished for long.

Here are names of the winners for NDTV Good Times Food Awards 2012-12

Best Coastal restaurant – Gajalee, Mumbai

Best Asian Restaurant – Gung the Palace, Delhi

Best All time Favourite – Smoke House Room, Delhi

Best North Indian Restaurant – Karavari, Cochin

Best Sensational Debut – Yawa Cha, Mumbai

Best North Indian Restaurant – Indian accent, Delhi

Best Dessert and Coffee Menu – Oberoi Pattesserie and Delicassan, delhi

Best Regional Restaurant – Bhajori Manna, Kolkata

Best Healthy Menu – Down to Earth, Mumbai and Direct Cafe

Best Bar – Aurus Cafe, Mumbai

Best Foodie City – Indore

–          Pawan Soni


Pawan Soni is the Founder and CEO of Indian Food Freak. He is a WSET Level II wine connoisseur and a foodie who loves to eat anything under the sun. Besides being a food and travel writer for various food forums and magazines, he is also the Founder of The Big F Awards. The Big F Awards are the biggest Restaurant and Food Awards started by a non commercial - Non Media entity. He also owns and manages Gurgaon Food Freak, Indian Food Bloggers Network, Gurgaon Wine Club, Mumbai Food Freak, Ranchi Food Freak, Hyderabad Food Freak, Bangalore Food Freak, Gurgaon Travel Freak, and Noida Food Freak, Chandigarh Food Freak amongst many other on Facebook.
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