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Britto’s, Baga Beach, Goa: Truly Goan

Britto’s, Baga Beach, Goa: Truly Goan
[Rated: 4.0/5]

Britto’s at Baga beach is an icon with a long almost 50-year history. It was the first Goan restaurant I went to many years ago. Today, though much more crowded, the shack-turned-restaurant has retained its soul and its spirit and has become a mist-visit for everyone visiting Goa.

The seating is still on the beach on a raised bamboo platform. The menu now has an addition of North India dishes and Continental dishes but the core is still Goan.  The quality of food, thankfully, is the same as before.  And the service is more than able to handle the throngs of eager tourists.

I start with the customary feni, followed by another, and I am in the Goa zone. Now it is time for the party to order some starters. And it is also when I stop looking at the right size of the menu. To give the reader the broad idea, the normal dishes cost between Rs 100 and 200, but if you go crazy like we did, a giant lobster can cost Rs 2200.

The food is great, as always. We start with a perfectly grilled lobster, and some chilly fried chourice, which really hits the spot. For mains we have prawn vindaloo, sorpotel, prawn balchao, accompanied by sannas, and pao. All of these are top notch, though I have had better sorpotel. For curiosity sake, I order truly British steak and kidney pie, which disappoints. The pastry is too thick, and the filling is muchy rather than chewy, with little evidence of kidney.

The desserts are ordinary. The crème caramel is lacking in the caramel taste and the tiramisu is good, but lacks the punch of espresso.

Britto’s is a must visit when in Goa. Only one word of advice, do stay away from the non-Goan dishes to have a truly good time.

Ratings out of 5

Food: 3.5 | Ambiance: 4.5 | Service: 4.5 | Overall: 4.0

Meal for Two: Rs 600| Alcohol: Very Yes| Credit Card: Yes| Timing: 9am-11:30pm

Address: Britto’s, Baga Beach, Santo Vaddo, Calangute, North Goa | Phone 0832/227-7331, 0832/227-7629

Closed: June 20-Aug 7 every year


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