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Mutton Achaar {Recipe}

Mutton Achaar {Recipe}

On my way from Shimla, I find many small shops selling chicken and Mutton pickle. Suspicious of the quality of meat used, never dared to try them though I really wanted to. Here is the recipe by our foodie friend – Jaspreet Nirula who has already shared many delicious recipes with all of us.


500 gm – Boneless mutton, cut to small pieces
Ginger paste 1 tbsp
Garlic paste 1tbsp
Turmeric powder 1tsp
Coriander powder 4tsp
Black pepper powder 1tsp
Red chili powder 2tsp
Fennel seeds 1and half tsp
Onion seeds (Kalonji) 1tsp
Methi seeds 1tsp
Cumin seeds 1tsp
Onion paste – of 2 medium sized onions
Cloves 6-7
Cinnamon stick 2-3
Star Anise 1
Whole dry red chilli 3-4nos
Hing ¼ tsp
White Vinegar (one can use malt vinegar but quantity needs to be adjusted) – 1 ¼ cup
Salt to taste
Mustard Oil – one and half cups (can be increased as required)

Heat mustard oil in a heavy bottom pan and bring it to smoking point – simmer the heat and let it cool down a bit before adding ingredients – Add ginger – garlic paste and fry for a couple of minutes – now add onion paste and cook till it is golden brown. Then add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, black pepper powder, coriander powder, Kalonji, Methi seeds, cumin seeds and fennel seeds. Fry on low heat for a minute. Then add mutton pieces and Bhunno till brown. Now add little water and salt to taste. Simmer and cook the meat till just underdone but make sure water is evaporated completely (Keep sprinkling water in between if required for the meat to be cooked)

Heat some oil in a pan and add whole red chilli, hing, and roasted powder (made of star anise, clove and cinnamon). Fry for a minute and add this to the meat, Bhunno for a couple of minutes and mix in well. Then add vinegar and cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Check for seasoning and take off the heat and let it cool completely. Put the pickle in a sterilized jar and keep it for a day at room temperature. Make sure that the pickle is submerged completely in oil. It is ready to be consumed however it would be much better if matured for a longer period of time. It can be refrigerated as well.

Some pointers when making pickle
• Always use well wiped and dried utensil for cooking and storing pickle in.
• Use more oil while making pickle. Oil acts as a preservative. So its good if some oil floats on top of the pickle bottle.
• By frying meat well, you can store meat pickle for longer time.

Jaspreet Nirula


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