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A sufi evening at Flavor of Mughal, Gurgaon

A sufi evening at Flavor of Mughal, Gurgaon

I have always enjoyed my meal at ‘Flavor of Mughal’ but I was visiting here after ages. Today’s visit was also impromptu after I got a tip that Rizwaan Ali Khan and Muazzam Ali Khan, nephews of Sufi legend Ustad Nusrat Fatheh Ali Khan would be dining at the restaurant. Joined by my wife and my friend, Sumit Malhotra we ventured to the destination – Flavor Of Mughals.

It was our sheer luck that we got to share the same table with the sufi singers. By the time the maestro’s entered most tables were already occupied while 3 seats were vacant on our 6-seater table. I smiled and welcomed them to our table while sipping on my LIIT, and they obliged. Ignoring the news channel and reporters who were eager to grab an opportunity to interview them we got busy in introducing ourselves and discussed some non-controversial topics which normally fuels a spark between Indo-Pakistan. Anyway, I knew reporters would have those same boring questions. Biting into those soft and juicy Seekh Kebabs and tandoori chicken we discussed about families and their kids love for music. Rizwaan told us how his kids stay awake and practice with them till late at night and go to morning without any fuss.

Meanwhile reporters got hold of them, and the same expected questions ensued. However, every time any reporter would ask them to sing, we were spell bound. It was a first experience for us to hear anyone sing so close, sharing the same table. Navneet Kapoor, CEO of Mughal Mahal personally ensured all guests have a good time.

These lovely moments were followed with great Nihari, Magaz Masala and Dal Makhani. Each of the dishes was in their brilliant avatar. Only thing I missed was the lemon to go with my Nihari. In all this turmoil, service slip-ups were understandable and we did not complain. We will be going back soon without the company of these maestros and enjoy a peaceful meal. The sweet memories of meeting Rizwaan and Muazzam shall always remain.

Address: Flavor of Mughals, Central Arcade Market, DLF Phase-II, Opp Sahara Mall, MG Road, Gurgaon | Phone: 0124- 4290000


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