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Kapde Faad Mutton Curry

Kapde Faad Mutton Curry

Not many times reading recipe would make you smile, and the picture will ensure that you cook it right away. Here is an interesting dish by Maverik Mukerji, aptly called ‘Kapde Faad Mutton Curry’. To know why it is called so, check the post: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151093855114414&set=o.366545836698644&type=1&theater

* What do you need:

1. Loads of time and Tonnes of patience.
2. A decent bottle of whiskey, soda, ice and whatever else you think you can digest. (Suggested)
3. 1 or 2 good friends, some music and whatever else you like to mix with your friends.
4. A telephone nearby to summon any emergency services you might require during the course of your festivities.
5. 15 Rotis, a green salad and some Rice would be wonderful.

* What you would definitely need:

1. Whole Garam Masala: Some Corriander seeds, bay leaves, black pepper, whole redi chillies, Black Cardammom, Cinnamon Sticks and a couple of cloves.
2. Mutton … which is preferebly fresh and cut. Preffered cuts would be 75% Leg and 25% Ribs.
3. Your choice of cooking oil. I prefer Ghee or Groundnut oil.
4. Dry Powdered Masala mixed in watery paste: Loads of red chilly, turmeric, corriander and garam masala/mutton masala.
5. A gas stove, a deep cooking pan and fresh water.
6. Finely chopped onions, ginger/garlic/lots of green chilly paste and tomato purree (3 large tomatoes)
7. Some chopped corriander, a fire extinguisher and lots of good luck.

* How to take the first plunge:

1. Heat oil and add the whole garam masala till it crackles. Avoid getting hot oil on the face.
2. Add the chopped onions and the ginger/garlic/lots of green chillies paste all at once … and cook on a medium fire till golden
3. Add the powdered masala watery paste and cook on a very slow fire till it smells like heaven and the entire swill starts leaving
oil on the sides. Remember…. this stage is crucial … do not burn it and keep stirring. Add a wee bit of water if you need to …. but
do not let it burn.
4. Once your swill leaves oil and it looks yum yum .. add the mutton and stir like your life depended on it. In a while you will see
the mutton quite comfortable and the aroma hitting your nose. Keep cooking on a very slow fire.
5. Make yourself a drink… light a ciggarette or do Yoga if you like it. Keep and eye on the mutton.. and stir every few minutes. Add
some water if it gets too dry.
6. Cook the masala and mutton for about 40 minutes. Remember.. the gravy should be red in colour and not yellow. If its yellow… throw everything in the bin and order a pepperoni pizza instead.
7. Add tomato purree and salt … and cook again till the mutton is done. This could take another 30 minutes or maybe an hour or so
depending on the quality of the mutton.
8. Add Freshly chopped corriander and serve hot.

It’s best eaten hot … lots of chillies and a bit sozzled!!!

And after you have finished licking your fingers … remember to thank me and go to sleep.

Maverik Mukerji


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