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Flluid Bar Relaunched, Mosaic Hotel, Noida

Flluid Bar Relaunched, Mosaic Hotel, Noida

As the saying goes,” In business you get what you want by giving customers what they want”. Mosaic Hotel at Noida has taken a step towards this and has re-launched its Flluid Bar with a claim that the all new persona shall cater to guests from all walks of life across age groups.

Unlike any BAR, Flluid shall be operational from 7 am till 1 am every day and shall host Breakfast and Lunch buffets priced at Rs 299 & Rs 499 respectively. It also claims to have added a host of new fusion food along with options from international and domestic Indian cuisines on the offer in a-la-carte. Apart from regular and classic drinks, Flluid has also spiced up the bar menu with innovative mixing.

The place has been redone with bright and vibrant interiors with private, semi private seating areas. A lap pool has also been added for guests to enjoy their meal or drinks besides it. The manager informed that there shall be a great emphasis on the music being played in the background. The selection of music shall depend upon time of the day, day of the week, season etc to gratify guests’ mood.

Flluid gets launched today under the pledge from its management, “We will not only ensure upon making you go with the flow, but sooner or later, make you the flow in itself”.

Address: Mosaic Hotel, Sector 18, Noida | Phone: +91 120 4025002

Aman Kapoor


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