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Jusht Imagine, Sector-63, Noida – Just Imagine

Jusht Imagine, Sector-63, Noida – Just Imagine
[Rated: 4.0/5]

At times I really wonder on how man, thousands of years back, invented the art of cooking. How were the flavours of so many different seasonings discovered and more importantly how was the thought of fusing one or more food articles was turned into delicacies. It clearly indicates towards human beings’ infatuation towards food and passion that lead to creation of new and exciting ways to cook wonderful delicacies.

This zeal has been taken a little further by a new outlet that boasts of serving unique dishes created through a careful blend of local and international cuisines. Located in an assemblage of eating joints, the outlet has been aptly named according to the Karma (a practice followed in ancient India) and called “Jusht Imagine”.

A warm reception at the entrance followed by the exquisite western cafe style interior assured that the evening shall be spent well. But we were yet to discover if the first impression would turn out to be true in the end and we should end up having a good time.

We ordered a Long Island Ice Tea and a Strawberry Mojito (Rs 425 each) to begin with which were mixed perfectly. I then requested for a Classic Martini (Rs 425) and was little surprised to see a drink somewhat yellow in colour with a thick texture and not having any sign of olive in it. While the drink tasted nice (for having generous honey) it was far from being termed as a classic Martini.

The chef was king enough to take our request for a non-vegetarian Mezze Platter even if it was not available on menu (Veg platter is available for Rs 345). The platter had a decent helping of diced chicken served on a skewer along with Pita Bread, Tobbouleh, Falafel and two dips (Muhammara and Hummus). While Hummus is a popular dip (Mediterranean people eat it with almost everything) this was the first time I saw a restaurant serving Muhammara (Dip made out of Red bell pepper and walnuts). The platter soured our expectation on main course and we started looking forward to a scrumptious meal.

For the main course we got a little more experimental and requested for a Butter Chicken Pasta (Rs 255), Chicken A La Kiev (Rs 335) along with Thai Fish Curry (Rs 295). Butter Chicken Pasta was outstanding. Use of penne variant ensured that the thick gravy was meeting the palate in each piece of pasta. This enhanced the taste to a large extent. Chicken A La Kiev was also extraordinary. A deep fried flattened chicken breast was served on a bed of mashed potatoes. On cutting the thick chicken piece, the butter came oozing out. The rich garlic taste in butter supplemented the crispy chicken very well. The Fish in Thai curry was served along with a portion of boiled rice which exceeded all our expectations from a Noida based restaurant.

For desserts we settled for Fried Ice Cream (Rs 225) and Death By Chocolate (Rs 245). Death By Chocolate was a combination of Coffee and Chocolate Ice creams served with a succulent piece of cake topped up with chocolate sauce and garnishing of almonds. The fried ice cream had a golden brown crust. One of the ice cream balls had cracked before the dish was served. This not only made the platter look mucky but also led to a faster melting.

What left me wondering in the end was the thought on how could the kitchen could shell out variety of dishes with such perfection.  Would definitely want to visit again and try different recipes of Jusht Imagine.

Rating out of 5

Drinks: 4.0, Food: 4.0, Ambience: 4.0, Service:4.5  | Overall: 4.0

Meal for two: Rs 1,200 | Alcohol: Yes |Happy Hours: 12 Noon – 8 pm

Address:H 1A/17, Sector 63, Noida | Phone No: +91 98994 69505; +91 120 4217505

– Aman Kapoor


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