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Moti Mahal Delux, Gurgaon – Only name, no substance

Moti Mahal Delux, Gurgaon – Only name, no substance

[Rated: 2.5/5]

There are times when after a long day at work day work one looks forward to a filling and sumptuous meal but cannot wait to get back home for same. The pangs of hunger on such occasion drives people to tried and tested joints that could help them satisfy both the belly and palate.

So was the case with me when after a late evening meeting in Gurgaon I was looking forward to a heavy Mughlai dinner.  Accompanied by a colleague, who wanted to go for Italian but settled for Indian on my insistence, we went to Moti Mahal Delux restaurant located at D T City Centre Mall.

Without much ado we straight went for main course and ordered a Mutton Shahi Korma (Rs 390) Murg Bemishaal (Rs 380) and breads, on server’s advice, longing to attack on the food like a soldier in war. However, approach of the staff turned excitement into tedium. Starting from couple of requests for water to be served, to the delay in serving the dishes, and the quality of service turned the evening in an awful dining experience.  There seemed to be complete lack of attentiveness towards the basic guest needs. While the food got served, napkins had to be requested. We had to wait endlessly before the breads repeat could be served. The icing on the cake was the innocent confession of server that the delay in serving green chillies and onion was due to these simple ingredients not being available.

Mutton Shahi Korma had boneless pieces cooked in cashew nut gravy. The pieces were tender and succulent. Gravy had rich nutty taste.  However, recommended dish from server, Murg Bemishaal turned out to be below average. As per menu, the dish was prepared with roasted chicken cooked with minced lamb and egg in thick gravy. Surprisingly one of the pieces was undercooked while the other piece was overcooked. Never had two extremes in the same dish. Wonder if left over was served to us with the new preparation. The gravy was also not done completely that left us struggling with the dish.

The overall experience left us not enjoying the food. It may sound harsh, but I have personally not experienced such low service standards in a restaurant that categorizes itself to be a fine dining outlet and has got rave reviews about the butter chicken it serves.

Rating out of 5

Food: 2.0, Ambience: 3.0, Service: 1.5 | Overall: 2.0

Meal for two: Rs 1000 (without alcohol) | Alcohol: No | Credit Card: Yes

Address: D.T. City Centre Mall, M G Road, Gurgaon 122015 | Phone: +91 124 4068126/7

– Aman Kapoor


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