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The Chocolate Box, Radisson Blu MBD, Noida

The Chocolate Box, Radisson Blu MBD, Noida

[Rated: 4.0/5]

During my courtship period I often used to frequent Noida as my fiancé hailed from the city. We would have tried almost all the restaurants where we could sit in peace to enjoy each other’s company. Obviously, we paid little attention to the food. As I say this, even after a decade, we still recount the chocolate and milk flavoured watery liquid that we drank without any complaint at Nirulas as if it was India’s best cold café.

We are still that much in love but much more forthcoming on our choices and dislikes to not drink something as awful. Like any other couple we still go back to the same area to relive our moments and talk about how much has changed over time.

Glad that we tried the newly opened The Chocolate Box (TCB) lounge at Radisson Blu MBD, Noida. This small 17-seater lounge done in leather upholstry is an extension of the Chocolate Box – patisserie and boulangerie. Light music and aptly lighted interiors made us at ease and we ordered for the Charlie set (Rs 650 p.p) with choice of tea and assortment of finger sandwiches, cakes and pastries, which is only available between 3Pm – 6Pm, else ala-carte menu is available throughout the day. The English Charlie has a selection of finger sandwiches, Warm Raisin and Plain Scones with clotted cream and preserves and Crumpets along with Tea of one’s choice. I went for oolong tea while my wife decided to stick to her favourite, Masala Tea. Each of these was brewed at the right temperature and for the right time. We enjoyed them. The cakes were baked fresh with just the right sweetness and warranted another serving. Sandwiches weren’t in the same league of freshness and taste though.

Executive sous chef at The Chocolate Box, Shalin Gambhir, joined us briefly and introduced us to the Bakery which has over 12 types of fresh cakes and pastries. Further, guests can choose the shapes and varieties for order-made cakes taking cue from the books available and discussing their imaginations with the chef. The pastries were as fresh as one could get. Undoubtedly this will be our first preference while ordering cake in Noida. A 50% discount post 8 pm on cakes makes it an excellent value for money proposition which are otherwise available between Rs 1000-1500 per kg.

So if you are looking for a small corporate tea meeting or out with your fiancé for a non-intrusive place in Noida, try out Chocolate Box. You may thank me later 🙂

Ratings out of 5

Food & Drinks: 4.0 | Ambiance: 4.0 | Service: 3.5 |Overall: 4.0

Meal for Two: 1000 | Alcohol: No | Credit Card: Yes| Timings: 11AM – 11PM| Happy Hours on Take Away Cakes: 8 pm onwards

Address: The Chocolate Box Launge, Radisson MBD Blu, L-2, Sector-18, Noida (UP) | Phone: 0120-4300000

Pawan Soni


Ratings out of 5

Food & Drinks: 3.5 | Ambiance: 4.5 | Service: 2.5 |Overall: 3.5

Meal for Two: 600 | Alcohol: No | Credit Card: Yes| Corporate Discount: 15% (on I-card of most companies)

Address: GF-17, Ninex City Mart, Sohna Road, Gurgaon| Phone: 84477-95974

Pawan Soni


Pawan Soni is the Founder and CEO of Indian Food Freak. He is a WSET Level II wine connoisseur and a foodie who loves to eat anything under the sun. Besides being a food and travel writer for various food forums and magazines, he is also the Founder of The Big F Awards. The Big F Awards are the biggest Restaurant and Food Awards started by a non commercial - Non Media entity. He also owns and manages Gurgaon Food Freak, Indian Food Bloggers Network, Gurgaon Wine Club, Mumbai Food Freak, Ranchi Food Freak, Hyderabad Food Freak, Bangalore Food Freak, Gurgaon Travel Freak, and Noida Food Freak, Chandigarh Food Freak amongst many other on Facebook.
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