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Hangla’s, Mumbai

Hangla’s, Mumbai
[Rated: 4.0/5]
Recently, I met up with my previous line manager after 5 years. I had savored the prospect of this planned meeting him, more so as Mumbai Airport (our meeting place) has ample snacking stalls and a random Beer Bar. Knowing the foodie in him I was expecting a sumptuous late afternoon snack treat. Alas, much the same miserly ways with salary increments he had, the snack stalls were conveniently overlooked for an ice-cream and some gossip instead!
As we bid adieu and I made way home the faint gurgling in my stomach had grown louder and I knew a detour to ‘Hangla’s TheTaste of Kolkata’ at Bandra, Linking Road was essential.
This non descript road side stall opposite Amarsons Departmental Store in Bandra, is a haven for those hunting for Kolkata style Rolls, Biryani and Momos in Mumbai and at extremely pocket friendly prices! The good news is that Hangla’s stalls now dot the Mumbai’s sub-urban landscape at Lokhandwala, Powai, Goregaon, Malad, Kandivali and Bandra. This chain offers home delivery and take-away only, but the lack of dine-in option is easily circumvented by patrons, as you can invariably see cars parked near the stall with the quintessential ‘Bangali Babu and Boudi’, romancing inside whilst munching on Fish Fry, Rolls or Momos!
My rowing eye kept figuring what was happening inside one such car as I placed my take away order for Chicken Roll (70), Veg Roll (60) and Chicken Biryani (Full – 135).
Now, a lot has been written about Kolkata style Rolls, here is a brief description of how it is prepared. The paratha dough is made of Maida and Yeast and/or Dahi and is usually finished with refined oil and milk (optional). The paratha is then deep fried on a large tawa, ensuring that it is not pressed while frying as that makes the paratha hard and chewy. Boneless cubes of chicken is separately pre-cooked with spices and chilli sauce, and before the order gets executed the kitchen staff would tawa fry the chicken pieces once again along with and a handful of sliced onion, capsicum and some green chillies and then wrap it up in the paratha.
Hangla’s follows this ‘well guarded’ secret in their Chicken Rolls indeed deserve a big thumbs up. The Veg Roll stuffing is a mix of potatoes, carrot, beet root, seasonal vegetables cooked together and mashed but is no match to the Chicken Roll variant. Notably they have a common tawa (for Veg / Non Veg Rolls) at the Bandra stall, so strict veggies do not form their loyal customer base.
The Biryani at Hangla’s is also cooked in true Kolkata style; Khada masala is added to boiling water to which pre-soaked basmati rice and half cut potatoes is added, milk may be added (optional), the rice is only half done and is set aside for cooling. Whole chicken usually cut into eight pieces marinated in papaya, onion paste, dahi is separately cooked with spices. The cooked chicken and the underdone biryani rice is mixed carefully in layers (chicken pieces bed of rice followed by chicken pieces) with ground spices, ensuring that the rice grains do not break; and is finally again dum-cooked (for a shorter time) adding saffron, whole boiled eggs and finishing with ‘gulab jal’.
Hangla’s Biryani is highly recommended! A full portion Biryani is sufficient for a person and has 2 pieces of chicken pieces, one half cut potato and complete with a boiled egg. Chicken Momos and Fish Fry are also a must try here.

Great take away/home delivered ‘Kolkata style Biryani, Rolls, Momos’ et all, at a fraction of restaurant prices. Enjoy!

Ratings out of 5

Food: 4.0 | Ambiance: (unrated) | Service: (unrated) | Overall: 4.0

Take Away Meal for Two: Rs 500 | Alcohol: No | Credit Card: No | Timings: 11.30 AM-10.30 PM | Valet Parking: No

Address: Opposite Amarsons, 269, Bandra (W), Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Phone / Home Delivery:

Bandra – 7738364225

Lokhandwala – 7738364223

Powai – 7738061918

Goregaon – 9819144880

Ashish Gupta


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