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Food Mandi Online – FoodMandi.com

Food Mandi Online – FoodMandi.com

Haven’t you often wished for a website where you could order some cheap and best grocery items online and get it at the time of your choosing? There is one now, for residents of Gurgaon. It is called food mandi (http://www.foodmandi.com/). I decided to check them out. I went on the website, and test-ordered from their fresh veggies, fresh fruits and grocery section.

I must say I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of merchandise and the promptness of their delivery. The kinnow is tangy, papaya is fresh and delicious, and the organic spicy mango chutney is something any human being should always have on their side at all times. I still have to eat the rest, but going by the looks, it is great stuff.

The most convenient is the cash on delivery service (min order is Rs 250, which should not be a problem to anyone). So I can order things from office, and have them delivered at home, even at 10 pm. I like their prices – they are competitive. So no need to go to the local supermarket looking for bargains. This is the place that stands up to the rest. I don’t think I can eat too many potatoes, but at one rupee a kilo, I may even be tempted to brew my own vodka.

Of course, like any new enterprise, this one too has its glitches. The credit card option does not work smoothly. And for those of us who think organic food is an unnecessary luxury, they don’t have too many mainstream groceries apart from some fruits and veggies. But I for one will be ordering some of the stuff the house needs online and hope they get more mainstream produce.

Aalok Wadhwa

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