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Ginger Wine {Recipe}

Ginger Wine {Recipe}

Mulled WineGinger wine by Johanna to celebrate Christmas…or if you are late (like we are) , to celebrate winter!! And if you think we are late for that as well, bookmark it, Christmas 2013 is not that far away!!

Ginger, scraped & Crushed, 2 pounds
Sugar , 2  ½ cup or more if needed
Cloves, 10
Cinnamon sticks, 2-3
Black cardamom, 1 -2
Dry red chilies, 5/6
Water, to fill 3/4 of the pot
Limes, 2
Honey,  2  ½ tsp or more if needed
Method :
Boil all the ingredients in the water except for limes and honey. After boil, simmer on slow flame for about 2 hrs.
Remove from fire & let it cool. All the pulp will settle down. Let it sit overnight. Next morning, squeeze lime into it and add the honey as well. Sieve and stores in wine decanters.
This tastes best after a week or so, stored in a cool dark place.

Recipe by Johanna Robinson Nayyar, compiled by Mona Malik


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