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Dahi Baingan {Recipe}

Dahi Baingan {Recipe}

Dahi bainganThere was a discussion on Oriya cuisine on the group the other day and and how so little is known about its amazing food. Moushumi Palit grew up in Orissa and nostalgia made her share her version of one of her favorite dishes from the state – Dahi Baingan. Moushumi says that she normally shallow fries the baingan for a regular meal and deep fries it when she prepares it for guests. Heeng is her own addition as she likes the flavor of heeng in this dish. Similarly, she says some people put garlic in this dish, but she follows her mom and only puts in ginger.

Her other favorites from the Oriya cuisine include Enduri Pitha (black gram, rice flour, paneer,coconut, batter steamed inside turmeric leaves)  , Dalma ( curry made of lentils and vegetables boiled together with salt and then fried with turmeric, ginger, garlic and brown sugar) , Bodi Chura ( dried lentil dumplings, deep fried and then crushed) and Pokhalo Bhato  (curd rice) and we hope now that we have mentioned the names she will be making these soon to share with the IFF tribe.


Baingan/Brinjal, about 2-3 long thin ones depending on size or 1 bharta wala baingan

Dahi/Yoghurt, 1 tub Greek yogurt/ Nestle set yogurt (470gm)


Red Chili powder, to taste

Turmeric powder, no more than a small pinch

Salt, to taste

Oil for frying

Roasted cumin/jeera powder

For tempering/tadka:

Mustard seeds, ½ tsp
Curry leaves, 10-15

Asafoetida /heeng , a big fat pinch
Ginger ,finely chopped , ½ tsp
Whole dry red chilies, 4-5
Green chilies, slit (optional , if you want it more spicy)


Cut the baingan into long thick sticks. Wash and pat the baingan dry and apply a bit of chili powder, turmeric powder and salt. Deep fry the baingan and keep aside

Mix the dahi  with salt and a little less than half the same qty of water so that the yogurt is not too thick. Beat well and keep aside.

Heat oil for tempering/tadka of mustard seeds, curry leaves , heeng, ginger , dry red chilies and green chilies.

Arrange the deep fried baingan in a serving dish. Pour dahi on top and then pour the tadka on top of everything. Before serving put some roast jeera powder on top if you wish.

***Remember no heating or cooking the dahi.***

Recipe by Moushumi Palit, Compiled by Mona Malik


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