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Kishan Bhature Wala, Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh, Delhi

Kishan Bhature Wala, Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh, Delhi
[Rating: 3.5/5]
Gaffar Market in Karol Bagh is known for all sorts of electronic items available. However, it has some vintage food outlets and I do mean decent VINTAGE running over a few decades.

Today I am sharing my visit to a 50 year old shop famous for it’s chole bhature. Street food lovers would love this place. Tucked in the corner as one enters Gaffar Market, ‘Kishan Bhature Wala’ hits you in your face. You can’t miss this shop opened in 1960 and has been serving delectable chole bhature since then.

Mr. Kishan is the proud, old and active owner behind the cash box, busy handing out tokens for basically three items; Choley Bhature (Rs.25 per plate), Choley Chawal (Rs.25 per plate) and Choley (Rs.15 per plate). He is a lively fellow and boasted of him being covered by NDTV and being invited to Pragati Maidan for his counter during trade fair et al. While questioning him on why Rs.25 for a wholesome plate of choley bhature, prompt comes the answer, philosophical at best, that, a man need simple meal to survive and I am getting one with this price for my food. I don’t need to charge any more.
At 12:45 PM, the crowd was building and there were many takers for the food on offer. Even though I had my breakfast in the last 2 hours, I just could not resist tasting a plate of choley bhature from the shop which might have served my grand father too.
The team at serving station was busy doling out plate after plate of delicious looking choley complete with spicy potato, onions, green chili, pickled carrot and palak chutney to enhance the taste. As I started digging into my plate, I was pleasantly surprised with the subtle taste of choley which was light and not overtly spiced variety one finds in big chains sometime. The fluffy bhature didn’t seem heavy at all. I like my bhature fresh out of the wok, deep fired, hot and crispy. The ones I got were done over a few minute but still tasted fresh. The spices were just right in choley and for spice fans like me, there was a green chili thrown in to suit my palate.
Mind you, there is no place to sit or even get a table to put your plate on and enjoy your food. Lack of any proper washing area also gave a minor trouble. But the tasty food is worth all the efforts.
Kishanji told me that he starts business after 10 in the morning and serves bhature and chawal with choley till 5 PM. After that he serves hot Samosas. But that,my friends will be another review…another day. In the meantime, it may not call for a special visit, but if you decide to visit Gaffar Market, then do not miss this shop.
Food : 3.5/5 | Ambiance: NA | Service: NA | Overall: 3.5
Address: 155, Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh, Delhi – 55
Timings: 10am to 5pm – Chholey Bhature, 5pm-8pm: Samosas
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