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Tibetan Kitchen, Sector 53, Gurgaon – Tibetan and Ladhaki Restaurant

Tibetan Kitchen, Sector 53, Gurgaon – Tibetan and Ladhaki Restaurant

[Rated: 3.5/5]

Gurgaon-ites are experimental with their food, and it isn’t surprising to note several specialty restaurants mushrooming in the city to cater to the growing demand. Among the list is ‘Tibetan Kitchen’ offering some authentic Ladhaki and Tibetan cuisine along with ubiquitous Indo-Chinese.
Though the restaurant has been there for a while, but we recently got an opportunity to visit the place. Ignore the ambience, and don’t be too excited of the service standards if you want to enjoy the food, which undoubtedly will ensure a revisit. The small restaurant has covered and open space available, though I noticed most guests preferred to sit outside for the cool breeze and the poor air-conditioning.
The food is the star attraction here and before I say anything further, momos variety served here is by far the widest and best for the restaurant of its class. As we took the first bite of Mutton Sumai Kothay (110; Steamed and later pan fried), the spurt of juices which came out indicated how good these momos were! The Veg Ladhaki Momos (90; whole wheat flour dumpling) again made us relive the experience. Delicious eight pieces of delicately spiced momos served along with Til chutney were absolutely worth the money and even more.
Other specialties that we tried were Aloo Phing (100; Potatoes cooked with rice noodles), Shapta (180; Spicy Chicken, probably Tibet’s answer to Chilly Chicken), Sha-Shingbee (220; Mutton with green beans) and Veg Rhe-Chotse (120; momos in soup cooked with sliced veggies) of which each dish was better than the other. Last year on my visit to Ladhakh we had tried Veg Skyu (260; thumb pressed pasta) at a hotel, but the one at Tibetan Kitchen was far superior. Cooked with lightly fried paneer, black mushrooms, skyu, potatoes and other veggies made it nutritious at the same time appealing to the taste buds.
Sha Shingbee
Aloo Phing
Veg Skyu
All inclusive price quoted above is an added sweetener and makes the visit worth every dime at Tibetan Kitchen. At the same time a little more effort on improving service delivery will ensure long waiting.
Ratings out of 5
Food: 5.0 | Ambience: 3.0 | Service: 2.5 | Overall: 3.5
Meal for Two: Rs500 | Alcohol: No | Credit Card: No|
Address: Plot # 2, Dhani Market, Opp. Ardee City Gate -1, Sec-52, Wazirabad, Gurgaon | Phone: 9213021900
– Pawan Soni

First published in Suburb Magazine, Gurgaon

Pawan Soni is the Founder and CEO of Indian Food Freak. He is a WSET Level II wine connoisseur and a foodie who loves to eat anything under the sun. Besides being a food and travel writer for various food forums and magazines, he is also the Founder of The Big F Awards. The Big F Awards are the biggest Restaurant and Food Awards started by a non commercial - Non Media entity. He also owns and manages Gurgaon Food Freak, Indian Food Bloggers Network, Gurgaon Wine Club, Mumbai Food Freak, Ranchi Food Freak, Hyderabad Food Freak, Bangalore Food Freak, Gurgaon Travel Freak, and Noida Food Freak, Chandigarh Food Freak amongst many other on Facebook.
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