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Striker Pub & Brewery, Global Foyer, Gurgaon

Striker Pub & Brewery, Global Foyer, Gurgaon

[Rated: 3/5]

Is Striker a joy to the beer guzzlers’ world?. This micro-brewery tries to bring all the good things in life together…..good beer in nice ambience, foot tapping music and great food. Does it succeed? 
Barely over a month old, and nesting over the Mercedes Benz showroom on the Golf Course Road, Striker Pub and Brewery has a distinct industrial décor, a stage for the bands to perform (Parikrama was here some time ago), a smoking room, and enough cozy nooks to have a nice evening.
First the beers – there are four varieties on offer here. The lightest of them is Jazzy Light, which has a clean, crisp and light taste. The Country Pilsner is slightly less light, but feels just right, making it an ideal companion to start the evening. The Weiss Blues is made from wheat malt and, like a well made roti, has a sweetish aftertaste. Rock Bock is a robust beer with a nice kick and a slightly bitter taste, which isn’t a quality of a good beer. All the Beers are priced at Rs 165 for a 500 ml mug and Rs 435 for a 1500 ml pitcher.
The pub offers both light and heavy snacks. The Greek Salad (Rs 150), though a departure from the traditional chunky recipe, is nevertheless fresh, tangy and crisp. Vegetable Seekh Kabab (Rs 225) is piquant, and has a good bite to it. The Paneer Tikka (Rs 225) is soft, yielding and nicely spiced. The Hariyali Kabab (Rs 225) is a dense, insipid, green disc, and can be avoided. So can the Bharwa Alu (Rs 225) which is bland and gooey.
The Crispy Chicken Wings (Rs 325) are hot, spicy and delicious – in a Buffalo meets Beijing meets Bhatinda kind of way. They can be a good reason to chug down a couple of mugs of beer. The Beer Battered Fish (Rs 395) is crisp and would be oh-so-English, if the fillets of fish were to be a bit chunkier.
Amongst the main helpings, the Mushroom Risotto (Rs 295) is cooked competently – arborio rice cooked just right, with sliced mushrooms, Basil, and Parmesan. Probably keeping in mind the punjabi palate’s penchant for creamy textures, dollops of cream as well as Gouda and Edam cheeses get added to it. Now this might emotionally disturb the Italian mind, but makes for good comfort food for Punjab de puttar. Unusually, it is accompanied by the Italian chutney – a yummy pesto made with basil, garlic and aioli. The other popular choices are chicken and lamb Kathi Rolls (Rs 395), Non veg platter (Rs 425), and Fish and Chips (Rs 395).
Overall, Striker has great Decor, and I would like to come back for a couple of drinks.
Drinks: 3.5, Food: 2.5, Decor: 4.0, Service:3.5 | Overall: 3.0

Meal for Two: Rs1500 (with a pitcher of Beer) | Alcohol: Yes | Credit Card: Yes |  
Address: Striker Pub and Brewery, Unit 23, Global Foyer Mall, Golf Course Road, Sector 43, Gurgaon | Phone: 0124-4040101
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