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Aaloo papad {Recipe}

Aaloo papad {Recipe}

Aaloo papad

We asked for your Holi recipes on our facebook group, and AP sent his family favorite…482821_5001409786323_757515930_n

This  Papad is a kind of ritual in eastern UP/ Bihar, and a MUST during Holi. This is the season when the new crop of potato is harvested and it is an age old method to preserve potatoes

1 kg of large sized potatoes
2 tsp Salt, or as per taste
4 tsp raw mustard oil
2 tsp Red chili powder
1 tsp Cumin seeds (optional)
2 poly sheets (Ideal is to cut longitudinal and wash a ½ liter milk pouch)
A big polythene sheet, approx 1 meter x 1 meter. to spread the papad for sun
Some more mustard oil for rolling the papads.


Clean and boil the potatoes in a pressure cooker, peel off the skin,mash them nicely to make a uniform, transparent mixture, with no solid pieces visible, add all the ingredients, adjust the taste.Photo0100
Now make small balls of this dough ( as we do for chapattis), apply some mustard oil on one sheet of poly , now place this ball, apply some more mustard oil on the ball, put the second poly sheet, and roll as chapatti. Be careful , not to make it too thin, else it will not come out of the poly.
Now carefully remove top sheet of poly, invert the papad on big poly sheet,gently press on the corners, and quickly pull the poly from papad. Let it sun dry for few hours, then again carefully remove the half dried ones and reverse the side. Once dried completely, store it.

It has a shelf life of almost an year.
Dry roast on open fire or deep fry them, serve with almost every thing.

– Recipe by  Atma Prakash Mishra


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