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LebMex, Forum Value Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore

LebMex, Forum Value Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore
[Rated: 3/5]
When we heard that LebMex; a Lebanese–Mexican fast food restaurant serves only vegetarian food, we were surprised. To us a good Lebanese meal is not complete without non-vegetarian food forming a substantial portion of the meal. Still we decided to check it out.
The 25-seater LebMex restaurant done in bright green and orange décor sets the tone for a good dining experience, not withstanding the plastic cutlery.
The menu selection has all the must haves in Lebanese and Mexican food; with a special section on Fusion food, which is a must try. In Lebanese one has options to chose from Falafel, Lebanese Rice
, Suffed Egg Plant among others. But I will definitely place my bet on the Hummus (Rs110). It’s a winner! The Pita bread was fresh & hot, the Hummus just right; not too mushy, not too pasty with just the right amount of garlic and olive oil. The servings are big; a plate can easily be shared by two. We did not much like the Paneer Shawarma in Pita where the Paneer replaces the meat and giving an average overall taste.
The Mexican menu includes the Quesadillas, Chimichanga, Tostadas, and Fajitas. The Nachos were done just right, thin wafers with the right tomato and aubergin sauce. We felt the melted cheese could have been a bit creamier. The Mediterranean Burrito (Rs 105; a Fusion of Lebanese styled sautéed vegetables, black beans, hummus and beans wrapped in Lafa Bread with Fita cheese) was a complete meal in itself. You may also design you own Burrito at LebMex but we went with the restaurant’s recipe.
Mediterranean Burrito
Isaac, one of the partner–owners of the restaurant is a dapper young man with some Lebanese-Israel connections and knows his Falafel from his Burritos. The beverage option is limited to aerated drinks but Issac, informs us that he is soon introducing Horchatta; traditional Mexican rice drink with touch of lime and coconut cream.
The Apple Empanade (Rs 55) for dessert; Baked apples wrapped in fried tortillas, served in custard sauce is a good combination. But service here disappointed us. Our dessert order was completely missed, and after reminder it was served to us 20-min later.
Though the space is small, we appreciated the toys & puzzles to keep kids engaged while you dig into your plate. At the same time we didn’t like the re-heated food served to us as they have their central kitchen  at some other place. The plastic cutlery served along made the eating a little inconvenient.
Labmex is a good value for money for anyone who wants to try a bit of hatke from the normal Indian food.
Ratings out of 5
Ambience: 3.0
Service: 2.5
Food: 3.5
Overall: 3.0
Meal for Two: Rs 400 | Alcohol: No | Credit Card: Yes |
Address: Building 1st floor at the Forum Value Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore |
– Manoj Nair
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