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Dosa Plaza, Pacific Mall, Sahibabad

Dosa Plaza, Pacific Mall, Sahibabad
[Rated: 4/5]
“Variety adds to spice in Life”.  The saying will be taken literally and more so implemented with so much of zeal is what I discovered on my recent visit to Pacific Mall in Sahibabad with my family.
We were attracted to Dosa Plaza by sheer exuberance of the colourful glow sign that displays its name. On scrutiny of menu, I was amazed to see the variety of Dosas, Idlies and Vadas being offered by the outlet.  Dosa for me has always been that traditional fermented crepe made from rice, served with a filling of patatos and side dish of Sambhar and Chutneys
. However, Dosa Plaza (as the name goes) serves over 100 varieties of Dosa.
Starting from the traditional dosa, the menu opens up the option to Chinese, Mexican, Continental, Salad, Italian and other special assortment of this humble staple food from south India. While the crepe continues to be that of fermented rice batter, the difference is that of filling and presentation of serving.
I was amazed to find TM (trade mark) against Salad Roast Dosa (Rs 113) and decided to order one. Shortly I was at my table with the order and admiring the presentation of food. Dosa cut and served in sandwich style was garnished with finely chopped green leaves. Along with Sambhar and Chuttney a small helping of coleslaw was also served. Shades of white and green filling with golden brown crust made it look even more exciting.
Dosa tasted nice and refreshing. The salad filling in white sauce tasted very good within covers of crisp dosa. What delighted me most was that even the last piece of dosa crepe was as crisp as the first one which normally is not the case on dosas that we order at other places.  Sambhar and chutney served along were very nice.
I would say the taste Salad Roast Dosa would definitely be a delight for a person fond of salads and wanting to try something new.
I intend to go back to Dosa Plaza to try out American Chopsuey, Mexican Roast and a Hot Garlic Pizza style Dosa.
Rating out of 5
Food : 4, Ambiance: NA, Service:NA     Overall: 4.0
Outlet since is in a mall, it has only been rated on food.
Meal for two: Rs 300 (including drinks)
Address: Food court, Second Floor, Pacific Mall, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
By Aman Kapoor
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