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McDonald McSpicy Burger range in India

McDonald McSpicy Burger range in India
No prize for guessing one name that doesn’t require any introduction in India or globally, and Kids and grown-up love it alike? It’s McDonalds.
None other global food chain has caught the pulse of the nation as well as McDonalds, who offers its innovative hygienic products and menu suiting to Indian palette in a clean air-conditioned environment at a street food price. My kids love them (more for the toy in Kids meal), and though the offerings may not be a gourmand delight, I like them for a quick budget meal.
We tried the recently launched McSpicy range of burgers and wraps at McDonalds. The normal available range at McDonalds is kind of neutral on heat factor to suit the mass audience it caters to. I wouldn’t expect McDonalds to use Bhoot Jalokia (Raja Mircha) in its mass market product, but McSpicy advertisement made us assume the heat to be much more in this range. But alas and woe, it wasn’t.
The McSpicy Chicken Burger (Rs 89) offers tender juicy chicken bite with mildly spicy notes and fresh green lettuce and creamy mayonnaise. In the McSpicy paneer burger, the patty has been replaced with Paneer which is crisp from outside and moist from inside, added with flavourful tandoori sauce and is milder than the non-veg option.
The tortilla wraps (Rs 108) that were served to us were soggy at places and dry at other. Probably because of the time they were kept on the table while we tried the burgers. The multi-layers of tortilla wraps overpowered the flavours of the main ingredients at places and a smaller wrap size would have helped.
McDonald has institutionalized the burger revolution in India, and like all other burgers, this range too will continue to be appreciated by families. I personally will be going back to the McSpicy Chicken burger that I found to be the best in this range.
P.S.: Please note the rating average doesn’t mean the quality was anyway inferior. It only suggests the burger was average amongst the range McDonald has to offer.
Ratings out of 5

Food: 2.5, Ambiance: 3.5
Overall: 2.5

Meal for Two: Rs200

– Pawan Soni

Pawan Soni is the Founder and CEO of Indian Food Freak. He is a WSET Level II wine connoisseur and a foodie who loves to eat anything under the sun. Besides being a food and travel writer for various food forums and magazines, he is also the Founder of The Big F Awards. The Big F Awards are the biggest Restaurant and Food Awards started by a non commercial - Non Media entity. He also owns and manages Gurgaon Food Freak, Indian Food Bloggers Network, Gurgaon Wine Club, Mumbai Food Freak, Ranchi Food Freak, Hyderabad Food Freak, Bangalore Food Freak, Gurgaon Travel Freak, and Noida Food Freak, Chandigarh Food Freak amongst many other on Facebook.
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